mei 31, 2010

He really don't know how much

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and this you'll get when you're in a strange mood

Chelsea, Chelsea

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I love Alexa Chung's style because its easy and pulled together. She wears mixes of high nd low adding uniqueness to any outfit. I'm having hair envy too!

9 crimes

As ussuall

About her.

''Today I'm wearing a Bensoni dress with a Zara jacket and Topshop shoes. I can't remember where my bangles are from but I am carrying an Anya Hindmarch bag! ''

At first, I've watch the whole Pinkpop online. Oh guys I'm so jealuss about the people who where there. Especilly Paolo Nutini was the end. I need some days off, any options? No!

Olivia Palermo, who don't know her?
You can look here what she is wearing.

Art with Staples

mei 24, 2010

Call the 112

What better way to relax, for just a short moment, from projects and exams than with Audrey Hepburn?
One of my favourite movies is 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. During moments of stress, which I have quite often (un)fortunately, I love to just drop it all and escape to a land full of simplicity & sophistication!


mei 21, 2010

it's me me me and only me

Actually, I've discovered that I don't have any posts about me!
So by these one, here you go.

loveeeee, darya

Good Days


Finally it's weekend! Whats on my agenda? : Tommorow till six o'clock sell the fish (work) and sundag is THE day, yes! Deurne De Dopeste with Nobody Beats The Drum, it's kind of small festival organised by some guys. Oh really, they are my herooooes!

I liked to introduse someone who I know for a long time. She was onse like a sister to me! And she always had fabulous outfits. I make sure you'll like her! You can visit & follow her on HERE So let me know what you think about it?

love, darya

mei 15, 2010

Capital City Pretty

I always found her adorable, sincere, and ready to ration out her camera time to the plethora of photographers at fashion week.

She is represented by Wilhelmina Models for Fashion and Beauty.
One thing I know, She is my hero!
love, darya

Can you hold it?

Ann Demeilemeester
To good, to be true!

Yes, who can't dessire these beautys? Keep dreaming darya.


I don't need you

Company of Strangers by Sara Aspinal shows off transitional pieces in their Winter 10 collection. I love the soft leather short sleeve big lapelled jacket and the long sleeve muted print long sleeve dress. The only dessapoiting for me is that the prices are pretty high, round the $300 for a peace of clothes.