april 28, 2010


Quik a post for today, caus I need and should to go back and learn learn!
My last rapport was nog so very good, but today I geted good marks back. So that's a beginning. Don't you think?
And have you thinked about your future? How difficult is that! I still don't know what I want!

love, darya

april 26, 2010


I think it's still pafatic that I cant find a nice pair of shoes and some big rings
oh gosh, like I said on my twitter I can't hold it anymore, I need and I should to go shop till I drop!
Oh oke, look how many I's I used
And unless, god got damn my englisch is and always be horrible!

take care of your self!
love, darya

red lips

love it it it it!

Little lion man